Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Recap

I wish I could go back in time and do last week all over again. We had so much fun just doing the usual vacation things: playing games, eating, watching movies/football/the Macy's parade/Psych, shopping, sister trip to Bead It...yeah it was so fun. I'm obsessed with my family.

Also we took our Christmas card picture! The one that made the final cut isn't any of these, so no spoilers here!

I wanted this one below to be the official Canady Family Christmas Card 2012 because I look skinny in it, but alas, I was outvoted.


Austin got sick of the paparazzi, but we three sisters wanted to keep going.

Not sure why this one didn't make the cut for this year's Christmas card

My parents yaaaaay :)

This is one of the best pictures ever taken #Tricia

Look at my cute brother and my cute dogs :)

This documentation of our senior pictures hangs in our dining room (Tricia, being a sophomore, does not yet have a senior picture). Yeesh I hated all of my senior pictures. But I saw current senior Austin's for the first time this trip, and I couldn't stop raving about it. MODEL STATUS

We also decorated the Christmas tree! Here's this little gem of an ornament from '97, which documents a major part of my life: correcting people trying to spell my name. Once a lady somehow assumed my name was spelled "Jordyn" instead of "Jordan," but it was really weird. I mean, I appreciated it, but come on--who would guess that on the first try?! What a psycho, amiright??

Some families have really beautiful Christmas trees that follow a specific theme and color scheme, and I love those. However, our tree is always a wonderful motley crew of completely random ornaments, both handmade by the preschool versions of ourselves and store-bought. And I LOVE IT

Every year we each pick out an ornament--typically one that represents that year for us. Wellll Target just so happens to carry a teensy Taylor Swift guitar ornament that plays "Sparks Fly," my all-time fave Taylor song. I had to get it. And come on 2012 was DEFINITELY the year of Taylor!

Remember when it was a normal thing to put tiny professionally-taken photographs onto key rings? Yeah I had forgotten until I found this on a random spare key. AND NOW IT'S MINE

Yeah I want to go back home immediately. At least Christmas is less than a month away!

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  1. wanna be a canady! seriously though.

    love the senior pics. I think I need to show you mine sometime. It is pretty dang awful. I'm not even recognizable (at least i hope not). and i love the blue lights on your christmas tree!!! i always thought blue lights were the coolest.


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