Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well this weekend was SO GREAT!
  1. Friday: The Killers concert was AWESOME. Tegan and Sara played some of my all-time favorite songs ("The Con," "Back in Your Head," "Walking with a Ghost") and awesome new ones, and then the Killers...holy crap. There were fireworks--both in my heart AND literally out in front of us. INDOOR FIREWORKS as well as lasers and fire bombs (?) and just so many emotions. Dang. So amazing.

    (Oh and BRANDON FLOWERS IS SOOOOOOO HOT HOLY CRAP okay sorry but I couldn't hold it in any longer)
  2. Saturday: My mom, dad, and sister Tricia were in town for Erin's amazing Christmas choir concert! So naturally they all came to my birthday party, too. SO much fun. I love everyone.
  3. Sunday (the actual anniversary of my birth): Just a chill, chill Sunday playing with my brand spankin new iPod!! It's so beautiful, and its name is Riggins. For no real reason. My first iPod's name was Moondoggie, my second one's name was Tom Riddle, and now my third one is named Riggins. It could change; who knows. What I do know is that I am obsessed with this baby. I mean, today on my lunch break, I watched The Vampire Diaries. In my car. THIS IS THE FUTURE!!
So yes, I am excited to be 24. I am, however, sad that I am no longer represented by Blink-182's "What's My Age Again." Maybe nobody likes you when you're 23, but hopefully people worship the ground you walk on, and boys want to make out with you all the time when you're 24. Or something. I mean, what?

Oh, and because I always have to mention my birthday soul sister Britney when I talk about my birthday...here's my favorite all-time picture of her. (We saw this on some drugstore tabloid cover back in '07.)

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