Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hair Test 2012

So here's the thing: I am loco-crazy about my new iPod. I love it. One of my favorite things about it is the app Taaz (thank you to Carly, the beautiful genius). This virtual makeover app is really making me antsy to change my hair, which has been my natural color for approximately 1.5 years basically it's time to mix it up.

Here's what I've drummed up:

(the last one is my current, natural color, obvs)

I'm leaning towards the first square. I've never tried ombre, and since I'm ready to explore a whole new frontier after being both Carrie Underwood-blonde and Vanessa Hudgens-brown. (Okay I had a brain fart and couldn't think of any other brunette celebrities!)

Oh and of course I had to test Taaz out on Erin, too. Here she is with Angelina Jolie hair:

My other obsession lately is The Vampire Diaries. I finally started watching it after eeeeveryone told me too...and guess what they were ALL RIGHT. It's amazing!! It has beautifulbeautifulbeautiful people, amazing cliffhangers (that get resolved instantly porque Netflix), bada*s vampire/etc. events, love...yeah I just can't get enough of it right now.

And I'm in love with Damon. He looks like Rob Lowe + Chace Crawford and has a Robert Downey Jr. voice. And he's got jokes.

(I don't know if this clip is that funny, but it made me laugh out loud when I watched it just barely. "Hero hairdo"? Hahaha.)


  1. haha! that app is awesome. And I definitely think you should try ombre. for reals.


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