Sunday, January 13, 2013

2012 was pretty okay

I know January is pretty much halfway over, but I never listed my 2012 highlights:

  • Graduated college and embarked on the super fun and exciting world of working adults
  • The Year of Crazy Good Vacations
  • London Olympics
  • Amazing concerts
    • Greg Laswell
    • The Killers
    • Ingrid Michaelson
    • Demi Lovato
    • Mat Kearney
    • Miranda Sings
  • Chopped 7 inches off my hair in March, dyed it brown in December
  • Taylor Swift's Red came out, and it exceeded my high expectations. Yes, this is a 2012 highlight. Best songs: "Red," "State of Grace," "All Too Well," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Treacherous," "Holy Ground," "The Moment I Knew"
Here's a pic of my new hair, by the way--I love it so much!!

2012 wasn't all fun and games and beach vacations. Last year also involved panic attacks, rejection emails, tears, funerals, and idiotic boys, all of which are teaching me some undoubtedly valuable life lessons. If only each one had monetary value like tiles do in the Game of Life board game.


  1. i want to see you and your new hair!!! looks pretty :)

  2. there is no shame in "red" is a 2012 highlight.

  3. loving this. you look awesome. and so does your phone cover.


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