Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sundance 2013

This weekend my friends and I went to Park City to wander around the Sundance Film Festival!

This was my third time at the festival, and I didn't know what to expect. In 2011, we saw a bunch of awesome celebs, but last year we didn't see anyone. I thus went into the day expecting only to eat expensive food and have a cold face.

Fortunately, all of my expectations were proven wrong! We had a bargain meal, it was a sunny, balmy 30 degrees*, and we saw a crapload of movie stars!

Let's review the minutes.

12:00: sitting in Main Street Pizza and Noodle
Josh Radnor and Kathryn Hahn walk into the restaurant with their respective significant others and sit one table away from us. I'm facing Josh Radnor and freaking out because I just barely started watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. Oh, and because he is reallyreallyreally hot. I made eye contact with him about ten times because I was shamelessly staring. I'm sure I made quite an impression.

We took some stalker shots:

He's such a good listener!

Seriously this is how close we were sitting to them.

As they got up to leave, Kathryn Hahn turned around and caught Rachel and I staring at her. She smiled, waved, and said, "Hi!" And we were just like, "Hi!!!!!! :) :) :)"

3:00: Strolling up and down Main Street
Back story: this holiday season I mentally edited my Top 5 Male Celebrity list, adding Dermot Mulroney to it after watching The Family Stone four times. I found out he was in a Sundance movie this year and freaked out at the unlikely probability that we'd run into him.

WELL WE DID!!! He walked right past us, and my friends said, "JORDYN DID YOU SEE WHO THAT WAS WE HAVE TO GO TALK TO HIM," and I replied, "No!!!!"

Luckily they made me, even though I was really nervous. So we turn around and hustle after him, when a group of people stop him and ask him to sign a giant stack of pictures. I stand next to him like a freak, shaking with lusty excitement.

There is my hand in the corner. He is so so so so so attractive

So finally he signs all the photos, turns to me, grins, and says, "Hi, how are ya?" Because clearly he knew I'd been standing there like an idiot for like five minutes already. I was just like, "Good..." in a stupid high-pitched voice.

Look at this cheeser. Dang was I HAPPY! Basically still can't believe this happened. I floated away on a cloud.

3:15: Still on Main Street
Wallis says, "I just want a picture with Joseph Gordon-Levitt." Suddenly Joseph Gordon-Levitt walks past us. Seriously. She wished for it to happen, and it did. Unfortunately, he sped past on his way to an interview, and none of us got a good picture. We were close enough to see him smiling! Unsurprisingly, he is hot in person.

3:20: Main Street forever
We turn around and see Michael "George Michael Bluth" Cera walking past us. He was in a rush, too, so this was the only picture I got of him. And for all you know, it's just some skinny dude in a red hat. But it's him, I swear! 

"I'm Mr. Manager!"

3:45: Main Street aka Heaven
I met some beautiful huskies! Pretty sure this one's name is Sasha. They've been on Animal Planet! Celebrity dogs

3rd best celebrity encounter of the day

We also saw Chloe from 24, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tony Danza. Oh man, what a day.

*major upgrade from the 9 degrees we've been dealing with all month


  1. i am seriously dying right now. pretty sure i've never been so jealous of anyone in my life. dermotttttttt.

  2. i love this. giddy, starstruck jordyn makes me happy.

  3. I'm still dying over your INSANE LUCK.

  4. I am SO jealous you met Dermot. He is so hot. SO SO hot. I can totally picture the voice he said, "hi, how are you" in. Swoon. :)

  5. HOLLLAAAAA I just got excited reliving this. DERMOT FOREVA


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