Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Surprise Victory

1. Set up a savings account after reading a series of financial tips for work
2. Got my car's oil changed today
3. AND got my tires rotated
4. A lot of my friends are pregnant
5. I've been using the gym at my office
6. I bought Greek yogurt last time I bought groceries
7. I did a mobile deposit of a check today

1. Am faithfully watching Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries every. single. week. It's kind of my reason for living right now
    1a. Went into a blinding rage spiral after seeing a PLL spoiler on Facebook today
    1b. Spent 60% of the Oscars discussing which Vampire Diaries guys are hottest
2. Bought Demi Lovato's song "Heart Attack" at midnight on Sunday
3. AND have listened to it on repeat on my drive to and from work

ADULT JORDYN WINS! Possibly for the first time in history?


  1. yayyyy! as a part of your #4 i get to add to your adult victory. and there is something very sophisticated about Greek yogurt isn't there? one day i'll be adult enough to buy some.

  2. ahhhh i'm two weeks behind on PLL!! i have nightmares featuring characters of that show at least once a week. except two nights ago i had a dream that aria and hanna came shopping with gap...

  3. "Greek yogurt's great!"

    Mazel tov to Adult Jordyn!


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