Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things are Happening!

The line, "Things are happening!" always gets stuck in my head during times of change, good or bad.

In this case, the things are good!! I no longer write descriptions of diet pills: I am now a social media intern! I already love my job, even though I still feel like this around everyone at my new office:

Does anyone else suffer from Completely Boring Disease when they start a new job? I literally can think of nothing interesting/funny/normal to say to anyone all day long. It is so close to being on a date, except that I have to buy my own food :(

But seriously, I love my new job!! They even have a fitness center. And I actually used it today. So yeah, I'm pretty much unstoppable.


  1. Sweet job. Also, I have been thinking about clueless all day, so of course you posted a picture from it.

  2. congrats jordyn!! i knew some good fortune in the career world would come your way :)


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