Thursday, April 11, 2013

Look Rick, I'm in an Old Person Parade

Last night, as witnesses can tell you, I overdosed on caffeine. I'm never drinking Diet Coke after taking a lot of Excedrin again. I could actually feel my heart beating really rapidly, and I finally knew what the diet pill users I used to screw over communicate with felt like!

It was like this:

And also a lot like this:

Anyway. There are some things in life that jack up my adrenaline and cause a faux caffeine overdose. Here are those things:
  •  Roller coasters, duh
  • Theme parks in general
  • Watching a movie I love with someone who hasn't seen it yet and then they love it too
  • Awesome henna tattoos*
  • Creating a perfect costume
  • Road trips*
  • Playing with and/or holding a puppy (or any small fluffy animal, really) (I guess it doesn't really need to be small)
  • Amazing (or even mediocre) concerts
  • Cutting and/or dyeing my hair
  • Talking about feelings wif mah friendz*
  • Epic waterfalls
  • Surprising someone with a perfect gift
  • Holidays
Plus, this weekend I am going to St. George, and the trip will include things from this list!!! (Indicated by asterisk)


  1. That was such a blast to the past watching that George of the Jungle vid. Wish I could have seen the CanadyInsantiy: Caffeine Edition first hand!

  2. i died when i watched that kaitlyn video. and kate winslet is amazing.
    and yeah... that was you! i am a witness.


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