Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Top Canady Insanity Moments in History

SO I thought that I was done with Blogspot forever and had graduated to the more-sophisticated platform tumblr...but I was so wrong. I can't quit Blogspot; it's tradition! A tradition with myself1. So here I am.

Anyway, Erin's birthday is next week, and since she is in missionary mode and is essentially refusing to ask for any secular goodies2, I cooked up some homemade gifts that I'm 100% sure she's going to love. One such gift was a list of the top Canady Insanity moments in the history of our family. And now I'm going to share (some of) that list.

The Top Canady Insanity Moments in History

- The time Erin knocked over the Christmas tree

- Young Jordyn getting put in the shower fully clothed to diffuse a world record temper tantrum

- Tricia sobbing while we were taking family photos: "I'm the only one taking this seriously" .. This was the end result of that photo shoot:

- Tricia sobbing when our guinea pig died after living for seven years, which is well past the typical guinea pig life span: "I'm the only one who really loved her"

- Austin's Hate List, which was on his bulletin board when he was about six or maybe seven..? Not sure. Anyway, it listed all of our names with different values next to them. Some were numbers, some were sentences. At the bottom of the page, it said, "The only way to get off this list is to give me anything I want."

- When Erin and I were 11 and 14, respectively, we took tennis lessons at the neighborhood pool in a class full of eight-year-olds. We were seriously the only ones over the age of nine3.

- Two words: Potty Pager. This is not a story I want any future, potential employers to find on a google search of my name, so it's one I can only tell in person

- THE GREEN SNOWPANTS We all had to wear them at least once. Erin and I each had to wear them for YEARS. If they still fit, we still had to wear them. They were awful and so embarrassing, and they made us walk like Randy in A Christmas Story...but NO REGRETS because kids aren't supposed to look cool and trendy; they're supposed to look goofy and colorful, so we nailed it. And besides, I don't trust people who didn't have at least a slight awkward phase4.

Also, I feel like I've misrepresented Erin's actual cuteness, so here's a picture of how pretty she is:

Erin is an AWESOME missionary, and I know that every single person she meets in Canada loves her to pieces, just like everyone she meets in America does.

1.That's...............pretty sad
2.Also, I am poor right now
3.and we were the BEST IN THE CLASS
4.Even though the green snowpants were really just the very beginning of my awkward phase


  1. that picture from the olympics at the bottom kills me. KILLS ME. laughing aloud at work right now.

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